Who is the real Floating Boy?

Patrizio was born on 22nd March 2012.

Immediately after birth, doctors find abnormalities with his liver and start to investigate. It takes three years to get the final diagnosis: Alagille syndrome, a very rare genetic disease.
In addition to this, his medical condition is made worse by a brain injury he suffered at birth, which gives him serious mobility issues.

Why Floating Boy?

The limitations in his movements soon became apparent: Patrizio does not crawl, he struggles to sit without support and grasp objects that are not immediately within reach. A barrier too big for a child who is just beginning to discover the world around him.
Family and friends lovingly support him. There is always someone ready to lift him up or to help grasp something that seems too far away for him. Patrizio is a curious child but is always held in someone's arms. He soon becomes for everyone, the Floating Boy.

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They can make the heart bigger.
— Ben Okri

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