The idea of the book

Patrizio’s story became the inspiration for an illustrated children’s book.
Parents and teachers don’t always find it easy or have the tools to communicate with children when it comes to disability and diversity in general. There is a lack of children’s books which showcase and tackle those topics.
With our book we want to ignite a child’s imagination and reinvent the meaning of disability through the story of Pat, the Floating Boy.


The story


When Pat was born, he looked like every other baby. But when he was supposed to start crawling, something strange happened to him: he started to float. This wasn't fancy flying and nothing like a superhero. It was more of an uncertain float. A clumsy flutter. As if the force of gravity stopped working on him.

Pat’s parents were worried and didn’t know what to do. They visited all the doctors in the country but did not find a solution. So, they decided to take him to a Flying School for Floating children. There Pat received a 'Flying Manual' as a gift, which included a collection of tips and stories for Floating Kids and their families.
“Keep stones in your pockets to stay steady on the ground”, “Hide on top of a wardrobe if you don’t want to brush your teeth”, “Ask the birds in the neighbourhood for help if you need to get back home when you have accidentally floated away”.
All totally surreal situations, but with something in common: the daily struggles of living with a disability.


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